Louise, Vicky, Mary Rose, Violet, Jeanette

Farm women from St.James in Heritagefest attire (Sept. 2005)

Summary of the St. James Market Place

A spirited group of farm women put their heads together and shared their ideas, after the closing and demolition of their church. Being a close knit farming community they didn't want to see the community disappear. Thus, came up with the idea of putting their small businesses together and working to keep the small community alive. Looking not only for ordinary folks to browse around, but a unique people looking for something different. They move forward with tremendous support from their community and surrounding area.

Signing document for purchase of school building (Feb. 2003)

Mission Statement

St. James Marketplace's mission is to be the needle and thread of the community. We offer family oriented events, quality products, and fresh homemade baked goods. Operating on a sound financial basis and expanding our products and services, and attracting tourism to the area thus promoting the community and St. James Marketplace. Keeping the idea of community and God in all of our actions and commitments is our goal.

Back row (L-R): Louise Guy, Mary Rose Pinkelman
Front row (L-R): Jeanette Pinkelman, Violet Pinkelman, Vicky Koch

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