The fun continues with the log sawing contest. Using a two-man saw, the five founding ladies and their partners compete for first place. And the winner is......Jeanette!

Back inside these nice young men partake in the Pie Eating Contest.

Heritage Fest isn't just for adults. There are many games and activities for children too.

Above is the Apple Bobbing Contest and the Gunny Sack Race.
Below is the Potato Roll Competition.

These children make candles the ol' fashioned way.

A more modern art of making balloon animals is demonstrated by these youngsters.

The race is on with spoons and eggs...good thing these were hard-boiled eggs!

Kids learn how it used to be when pumping water from the kitchen sink
wasn't just turning on the faucet!

Gary makes feather airplanes for the kids to throw around. He
uses real turkey feathers, goose feathers and some chicken feathers.
They can only be from the tail or some wing feathers. This is a true
art to get your corncob and feather aligned just right for the flight!

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