Time Line of St. James Marketplace

2000 - Closing of the St. Philip and James Parish

2001 - Early Spring- Center of Rural Affairs had a Hope meeting in Bow Valley Project Hope were meeting to help people revitalize their communities.

- Opening of St. James Marketplace by founders; Louise Guy, Vicky Koch, Jeanette Pinkelman, Mary Rose Pinkelman and Violet Pinkelman. The Marketplace had 16 artisans, was open from Memorial Day to Labor Day and rented one room in the parochial school from the parish.

2002 - The Marketplace was open May through September, had 32 artisans and rented two rooms in the school.

2003 - The St. James Marketplace purchased the St. Philip and James parochial school, had 60 artisans and used 27 gallons of paint to start refurbishing the interior. The chapel ceiling, altar area, stage and center east room painted.

- Heat ducts were placed between the ceiling of the basement and the floor of the main level to facilitate heating the upstairs.

- The St. Philip and James School was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

- St. James was again placed on the official Nebraska map

2005 - Modern Woodman Ins., helped refurbish the Historic School. They helped paint the history room, the south east room and both east entrances, on the upper level. Another 27 gallons of paint.

2007 - St. James Marketplace was awarded the 2007 Nebraska preservation award from the State Historical Society.

- The Marketplace was also presented the 2007 Outstanding Tourism Attraction award from the State of Nebraska.

2007 - The Marketplace was gifted money from an estate to help preserve the historic school.

2008 - Replaced exterior doors and all windows on all three porches.

2008 - Painted the south east and south west rooms in the basement.

- Had the stucco on the exterior and broken plaster on the inside repaired.

2009 - Received the Pioneer Award from the Center for Rural Affairs.

- Received Congeniality Award from the Shannon Trail Promoters

- Received Tourism Partnership Award from Northeast NE Travel Council.

- Painted the Chapel and one of the boarding rooms.

2010 -Painted and caulked trim on exterior of building.

- Painted interior of north porch, both stairways and new office.

- Artisan numbers still holding about 60.