Pinkelman's Handcrafted Woodworking

A home based business rooted on the family farm.


Fretwork is cutting a very intricate pattern in a piece of wood. We have literally cut miles and miles of lines in wood. Made with joy and a sense of accomplishment!

My Story
My woodworking entrepreneurship all stared in 1997. I sold half interest in an old snowmobile I purchased back in the 70's. With the fund being tight because of a growing family and a small family farm, I decided to use the proceeds from the snowmobile and purchase my first scroll saw. By then our children were old enough to help out and take care of themselves. This gave me a little more time in trying my luck at the scroll saw. The children showed interest in trying their talent at the scroll too! Everyone took turns at one project or another. When all the dust settled, Christina, my comrade, and Tim, the youngest, are the two that loved the scroll the most. We love to see the dust fly.

You can place an order by calling (402) 357-3357

My Display at St. James Marketplace


Working at home on a project